Welcome to Mock Congress 2014

On this site you will find links to the key resources you'll need to learn about Congress and Bill Writing. On this site you will create both your personal page and collaborate with one or two partners to create your Mock Congress Bill.

The Bill Presentations that you create using Google Presentation will be linked to your Bill, and your Bill will be linked to your Personal Page.

Unit Calendar- See Social Studies 8 Wiki Tyrrell and Frakmann pages for day by day plans and assignments

Week of Feb 10th- Introduction Phase
State and House Assignments
Start Personal Page
Determine Political Party and find a Congress person from your state that you agree with on key issues
Complete YLI Timeline Introduction

Week of Feb 17th- Research Phase
Explore Issues of Importance to you through YLI Timeline Research Phase/ Study Guide
Add State and Issues sections to your Personal Page
In-Class Issues Polling
Choose Bill Writing Partners

Week of Feb 24th- Writing Phase
Write your Bill following the YLI Timeline Writing Phase step by step process.
Create an 11 slide Google Presentation that you will use to present your bill to your class committee
Elect Classroom Committee Chairpersons
Complete Bill, Presentation, and Personal Page

Week of Mar 3rd- Committee Phase and Mock Congress Day March 7th
Committee Hearings- Voting on Bills in Class
Elect Mock Congress Leadership
Make Mock Congress Nametags
Prepare Questions for Mock Congress Speakers
Friday, March 7th, Mock Congress Day (Washington Dress or Better)